Top Pages – A Simple But Powerful Data Studio Widget

I really should be working on my presentation for WordCamp Rochester right now… But I just couldn’t help myself …   I thought ” why would someone want to show their analytics stats on their own pages?”.  Then I thought, “Sure, why not?  You could use it to show popular pages easily …. or popular products, or popular posts, or […]

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Speakers at WordCamp Rochester 2017 for WordPress

Data Studio Presentation at WordCamp Rochester, NY Nov. 18, 2017

If you have an interest in WordPress you really should sign up for WordCamp Rochester 2017!  There will be more than 20 presentations , a lunch and swag , all for $20! This is a deal that can’t be beat.  Many people I have run into trace their interest and success to attending WordCamp. This year WordCamp Rochester will be […]

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header Helpfullee Lee Hurst

Free or customized interactive widgets for your site

Just getting this off the ground now – building a selection of “widgets”  built from Google Data Studio for quick and easy embed to almost any website. Interactive features help keep people engaged and coming back to your site.  They can help increase your SEO by keeping people engaged with your content. I will be building new Helpfullee data widgets […]

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Best Data Studio Posts and Resources, September 2017

What a month for Google Data Studio! There were so many big announcements it was hard to keep up with all the changes in September.   Among the changes were: Data Studio Community Connectors – A wide range of data connectors and the ability to develop your own Data Studio Embedding – the ability to embed directly into web pages, and […]

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Google Data Studio Resource Guide

Looking for Google Data Studio Templates? (70+ Resources)

Have you been looking for a source for Data Studio examples, free templates, tutorials or videos? Try the new Google Data Studio Interactive Resource Guide!

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Your website as a nightclub – Hire Google to help manage it for free!

Small businesses, medium businesses and organizations are missing out.  They don’t take advantage of free services that are critical to making their websites better.  That’s a shame, because even the most humble business has free access to the same tools used in global enterprises.  I’m going to explain how some of Googles’ basic tools can help you get more out […]

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