Why “HelpfulLee”?


Helpfullee.comAnswer: All the good names were taken! invisible tracking giftest

Seriously though , I wanted a home that could be a hub for my interests, both business and personal. I’ve found that being helpful, contributing to making life a little better experience for everyone , is personally rewarding. Here are some of the things that really interest me , and might interest you too.

Business Life

  • Helping others use the tools available to make good businesses better.
  • Seeing the flow from high level goals , to strategy , to tactics , to measurement in real life and having an impact on the results.
  • Building professional trust and authority by publishing helpful content and insights, from my personal and business experiences and experiments.
  • Using technologies and systems that are appropriate and sustainable by businesses and organizations.
  • Gaining insight through analysis for action!
  • An excuse to use bullets! I love bullets!

Personal Life

  • Helping make the community I live in , and others , better by helping with my skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Encouraging community health through connection.
  • Promoting Tai Chi and Qigong practices for health in the Rochester, NY area.
  • Encouraging my associates around the world by sharing my experience and expertise.
  • Sharing wonderful things and people.