ready to diveDiving into unknown waters can be unnerving,  and rightfully so.   Having the support of others with experience makes all the difference!  But finding “your peeps”  can be a tough, time-consuming job in itself.   What do you do?

When I am diving in these days , or even just dipping my toes in the water,  I seek out groups that can help make my experience better.   I find that Meetup is the first thing I look to now for finding that kind of community.

Meetup To The Rescue …

Actually, I have run a Meetup group for several years myself.   It was my way of bringing together a community of people interested in learning Tai Chi in Rochester, New York .  Sharing my enthusiasm with people who were just getting started,  wanting to see what it was about, has been very personally rewarding.    As good as that experience was , I never really participated in other groups.

meetup_logo_1This year I have been making much more use of Meetup.  Both personally and professionally.   I find it is the best way to connect quickly with people of similar interests .    In my current journey, building and exploring the WordPress environment,  I searched for and found a terrific WordPress meetup here in Rochester, NY.

This is an active, vibrant and helpful group.  I doubt anyone has my exact interests, but the value of being in the group is certain.  I’m grateful for the sharing of experience,  and tips from  both the experts and the novices.   Even though I fall into the novice category here, I’m also able to share experience from related areas.

If you are thinking about exploring something new , I highly recommend checking for a Meetup group in your area.