I really should be working on my presentation for WordCamp Rochester right now… But I just couldn’t help myself …   I thought ” why would someone want to show their analytics stats on their own pages?”.

Then I thought, “Sure, why not?  You could use it to show popular pages easily …. or popular products, or popular posts, or …”.  So I built a quick data widget sourcing from my analytics data.  It just shows the top 5 pages and has live links to them.

Here are the top landing pages for this site – You can see how different sources may have different top pages.

While this seems pretty basic, there is a selector built in so you can see the top pages by sources or channels people come from.  Pretty cool right? but think about this…  Instead of filtering by source, you could use this idea to sort and filter products by ratings instead of traffic – or maybe even your own metric (traffic * ratings? ).

One note – if you change urls and don’t have redirects you may get broken links in this widget.

If this kind of thing interests you, do the email signup thing to see when this site has new posts …  What do you think?